Linux on IBM R31

Hi everybody, even this model is little bit outdated it still does a good work for me so I decided to share here my experiences with operating Linux on IBM R31.

The hardware

IBM Thinkpad R31 2656

Hardware summary

Component Result Description
OS OK Linux Mandrake 9.1, 10.2 with KDE 3.0, Gentoo with KDE 3.2 and Fluxbox
Sound OK OSS, ALSA both ok. Mixer thru .asoundrc config file works very well.
Graphic OK In Kde in all distribution that I tested there are sometimes problems with graphic. Window strip sometimes does not change color and stays in original color. This is more or less comsmetic issue, but it is not nice. Fluxbox does not have this kind of behaviour.

Modem OK There is Lucent Soft Modem in the chipset and works fine with slamr driver. Gentoo dis. have this driver in their portage system and therefor installation is very easy.
PCMCIA OK I have tested Nokia WIFI LAN card and Aver Media TV Cardbus and both works fine.
USB OK I use USB disk and digital camera as USB storage and both works fine. I plan to test WebCam Genius Slim USB2 but driver is still under development, so I can't say now.
CD OK works fine in all dist.
IBM buttons OK I did small playng around that. I compiled nvram as kernel module, acpi directly into kernel and emerged ibm-acpi and acpid. I did not compiled IBM extract in to kernel at all and I used emerged version of ibm-acpi. Than I got functionality as volume up, down, mute and thinkpad button functionality.
Hibernation OK Recently (October 2005) I finally managed to run hibernation using suspend2 software. It works very well. The page I followed was here.

This page is under further development.